Impact REMOTE Weight Loss Academy

The Unbeatable Connected Weight-Loss Experience

We offer a coach-led remote weight loss program, that is interactive, fat-loss focused, with the accountability and motivation that you need!

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The Program

At Impact, we are results oriented and fat loss focused. Our technology customizes a 4-stage weight loss/fat burning protocol that promises to shred inches, increase your energy, improve sleep and end cravings.

Impact REMOTE Weight Loss Academy

The Impact Method

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Our Program is Fat Loss Focused​

We utilize specific technology to customize each weight loss program because there is no “one size fits all” in weight loss.

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We Are Results Driven​

Our objective is total transformation as we assist clients on every aspect of their health journey to permanent weight loss. We teach clean eating, self-love, determination, and mindset, as we know that achieving health is the greatest power to live the Impact lifestyle forever.

The Impact Approach​

We will safely and effectively move your body into a prime fat burning zone, detox your body, and end cravings. Our program shifts your body to become 'fat adaptive' - this is the key to keeping the weight off permanently while enjoying life and healthy, delicious foods.

Learn at Home

We know you're busy! So we make it easy to work on your own schedule.

Meetings with Coach!

You're not alone! You'll meet one-on-one with your coach via Zoom or phone.

All-in-one "Kit"

Our "Kit" has everything you need to complete the academy from home: Guides, Recipes, Supplements, and more!

Online Support

You can email your coach at any time for any questions or advice! Plue we have online program resources.

Client Testimonials

Christy Burnett
Christy Burnett
Camille has been a great guide through my weight loss and healthier me journey. If you hang on through the first 2 weeks, you will do great!
Michele Pittman
Michele Pittman
I went to Impact by my drs suggestion. I wanted to get healthy and loose visceral fat because I had some concerns of kidney issues. I started the program wanting better health it was tough but I had a goal. The weight started falling off fast, my attitude changed and the amount of energy was awesome. I realized I had no aches or pains and was feeling fantastic. Over the first 40 days my whole life changed, I was happier and more energetic merry family could not believe what happened they were seeing. I am happy with all aspects of my life I’m more positive and outgoing and I don’t sleep all the time. Impact was he best choice I have ever made and it didn’t matter how much I lost it mattered that I got healthy and learned to eat and cook healthy. I have made a change to be the best I can be for me and my family if that is what you want I highly suggest you check out Impact. It’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle of positive heath and positive thoughts and actions.
Crystal Hoffman
Crystal Hoffman
I really feel like a person at this Impact Wellness and not just a $$$$. Camille truly cares about her clients and wants them to feel their best. Amazing customer service. Amazing attitudes and I will be coming here for a very long time!! I have been seeing Camille for about six months now and my review has not changed. Camille is still wonderful and I've gotten to know her on a more personal level and she is an amazing light and has seriously helped me improve my life and I am forever grateful for her. Joyce is a joy and I love seeing her face when I walk in. All the other staff are nice and welcoming as well. I never feel judged or insecure walking into Impact Wellness. I look forward to my weekly sessions and learning more about myself and my health each week. They take an entire mind, body and soul approach to health that is different from anything I've experienced....and I've tried it all. This actually worked for me. Love love love impact Wellness and the impact it has made on me!!
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Start Your Journey to Optimal Health

Join our club of successful clients who have achieved their health and wellness goals!

We offer a coach-led remote weight loss program, that is interactive, fat-loss focused, with the accountability and motivation that you need!

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