4-Step Program

Real Food
(You Get to Cook)

The "Kit"
(What You Get)

(You Are Not Alone)

The Tools
(Access to Resources)

One-on-One Coaching

Months 1-3

  • 2 Weekly individual Zoom calls with your coach
  • 2 Weekly group Zoom calls

Months 4-6

  • 1 Individual Zoom call per week
  • 2 Group Zoom calls per week

For each call, you will:

  • Review your weekly progress
  • Self-care accountability checklist
  • Discuss challenges
  • Celebrate wins

How Our Program Works

LOAD DAY – Day 0 is designed to get you into fat-burning mode. Eat anything you want to make sure you get in 3 healthy fats! Start your formulas and supplements.

LOSE IT – Days 1-40/60 of losing weight: no Breakfast, No Fats, Dairy, or wheat.

Change personal care products to OIL-FREE. Women typically lose 25-35lbs., Men 35-50lbs. in 40 days! NO PRE-PACKAGED FOODS… This is what you signed up for! You will burn large amounts of fat and begin to feel and see the difference in your body as you go through this healing process.


  •   2 Proteins (meat, eggs or fish)
    Unlimited Veggies!
  •   2 Fruits (apples, oranges, berries, etc….)

LOCK IN – 21 Days resets your body to “LOCK IN” the weight you’ve lost. You will stop losing weight and lock in that changes your body has gone through in the “Lose-it” stage. We are teaching your body that “eating healthy fats burns fat”. This stage is as important as the “Lose-it” stage. We will customize your increased specific calorie target. This process eliminates the starvation dieting mentality & revs up your metabolism


  •   Healthy fats and oils
  •   Breakfast!
  • Expanded food selection – Nuts & seeds

LIVE ON “Life with Vitality” –

This is where the real work begins! You have lost weight and now comes the stage of life where you learn the principles to keep the weight off for life. There is a new journal, to help reinforce what you have learned. You can also decide to go back into “Lose-it” stage to lose more weight… this is where the magic really happens! We will help you design your “Impact Lifestyle”

What Do I Get to Eat?

  • Real Food: Protein, Vegetables, Fruit, & healthy fats
  • You GET to cook! Your health is made in the kitchen
  • You will get:
    • Meal guidance
    • Recipes
    • Shopping lists
  • No sugar, bread, or pasta (Stevia is allowed)
  • This food does not have to be boring!

*Healthy fats will be reintroduced in “Lock-In Phase”

The "Remote Academy" Kit

Open the box and get excited about the most connected weight-loss experience

  • 2 Journals
  • Oil-free cookboko
  • support binder – so much support
  • Food scale
  • Bluetooth scale “Share your great results with your coach”
  • Personalized supplements to support weight-loss
  • Impact water bottle
  • Weight loss formula
  • Mineralife
  • Fizzy tablet
  • Pink salt

This journey is on you… Take initiative and create a new healthy you!

The Support - You are not alone

  • “Hal” – Our mobile coach that you text your weight into daily. Hal provides advice and informs your coach of your progress
  • “Zoom” – Accountability ‘calls’ with your coach to support, motivate, & answer questions. “Zoom” group calls to connect, share, & support
  • Facebook Groups
    • Impact Wellness Tribe
    • Impact “Remote Academy”
    • Vitalife Support
  • Report Academy Website

Toolbox & Library

  • Video to Reference
    • First seven days
    • Tips & topics
    • Each phase explained
  • Recipe Vault
  • Support product ordering
  • Vitalife talks
  • Recommendation: Books, movies, motivational tips
  • Access to “No More Rules” episodes

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