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Weight Loss Reviews -Rhonda
39 lbs. in 60 Days

Who knew losing weight could be so rewarding

Before After

I can’t say how friendly, helpful, and patient Jordyn has been at the Kearney location. The initial consultation was very humbling and inspiring. Working with Jordyn made the whole journey feel very comfortable. I had my bad days where I didn’t see the scale move very much…she encouraged me every week to stay focused and not give up. This plan is not for the weak or undisciplined eater, but if you want to lose the weight the right way and KEEP IT OFF, this plan is for you!!! Thank you for the wonderful experience, the continued coaching, and believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. I feel so much better and am healthier now than I’ve been in years.

Weight Loss Reviews -Melissa
43 lbs. Over 2 Months

I still cannot get over this...

Before After

I’ve lost 43 lbs  & 6 sizes since august and still going!  I love the Vitalife program.  I love that it teaches you to eat healthy an stay on track. not going to lie, it is challenging but worth the effort. I love the healthy food and am continuing to lose now and am eating all kinds of great healthy foods and healthy fats too! I was just at the impact office last week for my Body Composition Analysis weight in appointment and I’ve lost another 5 lbs of all FAT in just 6 days.  Amazing program, Impact has taught my body to be a FAT burning machine – I have so much more energy and feel Fantastic.

Weight Loss Reviews -Ed
53 lbs. in 40 Days

My Transformation

Before After

Hi this is the NEW and improved ED, after 40 days and 53 lbs less! I was grumpy and unhappy with my weight and then I joined IMPACT… and yes it takes commitment but it is worth it! My wife and I have made healthy lifestyle changes which make food taste so much better. We went to Jamaica for our 30th anniversary and there is no way I would have made it up Dunns River falls with an extra 50 lbs of weight across my belly! Thanks to IMPACT I longer take blood pressure or cholesterol meds!

Weight Loss Reviews -Diane
51 lbs. in 5 Months

I Feel Great!

Before After

Just a brisk walk made me short of breath. Walking and carrying anything was almost impossible. That’s when I got tired of all of the diet, pills, patches and everything. Nothing worked! I saw the ad and thought I’ve got one more chance at this. Impact Wellness is not a Weight Loss program, it’s a great life style change. The health coaches truly care about your success. They guide, encourage and support you with compliments and caring. Plus the great support groups and gatherings! It becomes like family. I am truly blessed to have found Impact Wellness.

Weight Loss Reviews - Cindy & Darren
100 Lbs Each!

My Transformation

We started our journey shortly after our annual visits to the doctor where she increased all of our medications. That was our final sign that something needed done. We knew we needed help and positive influence to get where we needed to be. We thank God for leading us to Impact and our amazing counselors. Here we are now 2 years later and almost 100 lbs down for each of us. We are happier, healthier both physically and emotionally and have begun exercising and riding our bikes on a regular basis. This program is truly the best thing we’ve ever done together ♥️

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Your Before
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